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Approximately 40% of all 2.8 million citizens of Albania live in the countryside, and amongst them a vast majority cultivates the extremely fertile soil for a living. The development of the rural economy in Albania, and the improvement of living standards of the rural population are therefore of great importance.


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IDAHOT, the yearly Day Against Homophobia has transformed into a full Week of Diversity in Albania. Catering to all tastes, participants can do a bike ride, go to exhibitions, watch and discuss films, receive prizes or even go to a fundraising LGBT Gala. The avalanche of events requires some agenda planning, that's for sure.

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November 14, 2016 Albania has great potential for small-scale agro-tourism with its amazing food, beautiful mountains, long Mediterranean coastline and fertile plains. But a lot remains to be done to develop tourism. Small-scale sustainable business concepts were missing and that is why the Dutch embassy supported a cooperation with MVO Nederland, Cityförster and other tourism partners to work on an inspiring concept of sustainable tourism, combining it with agriculture.