Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, Albania

“The Traveler and the Olive Grove”

How to shape the link between agriculture and tourism in Albania

Albania has great potential for small-scale agro-tourism with its amazing food, beautiful mountains, long Mediterranean coastline and fertile plains. But a lot remains to be done to develop tourism. Small-scale sustainable business concepts were missing and that is why the Dutch embassy supported a cooperation with MVO Nederland, Cityförster and other tourism partners to work on an inspiring concept of sustainable tourism, combining it with agriculture.

Qeparo is a characteristic old village, located along the south-west coastline of the country. Here in fact the mountains steeply dive into the sea. On the seaside some small restaurants and hotels have their businesses. Until now little advantage has been taken from opportunities to combine natural assets with organic products and food. Albanian and Dutch experts intensively worked together with local citizens in several workshops on the ground, identifying concrete opportunities. 18 business cases were developed, such as: taking a hike with a shepherd, restructuring the beautiful antique aqueduct, promoting the local honey, ham and famous Riviera olive oil. Currently several international organizations within Albania are looking into funding these business cases. Also, some Albanian local entrepreneurs from the village have already taken the initiative to start the tourist activity center. The report was designed in such a way, that it can easily be replicated also in other area’s in Albania where similar tourism concepts can be developed.

Read the report “The Traveller and the Olive Grove” and get inspired by how circular and inclusive models are combined with agriculture, tourism and spatial development.