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1 NFP Tailor-Made Training 2017

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building by providing training and education for professionals. The NFP was initiated and is fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation. EP-Nuffic is responsible for the management of the NFP.

2 Statement of EU Member States Embassies and EU Delegation to Albania on the amicus curiae brief of Venice Commission

European Union Member States Embassies in Tirana and the EU Delegation welcome the Amicus Curiae brief of the Venice Commission regarding the constitutionality of the Vetting Law and its accordance with international conventions.

4 “The Traveler and the Olive Grove”

Albania has great potential for small-scale agro-tourism with its amazing food, beautiful mountains, long Mediterranean coastline and fertile plains. But a lot remains to be done to develop tourism. Small-scale sustainable business concepts were missing and that is why the Dutch embassy supported a cooperation with MVO Nederland, Cityförster and other tourism partners to work on an inspiring concept of sustainable tourism, combining it with agriculture.

5 Brilliant Women Entrepreneurs Seminar

6 The Embassy cooperates with Rabobank and FED Invest in ambitious plan for rural economy in Albania

Approximately 40% of all 2.8 million citizens of Albania live in the countryside, and amongst them a vast majority cultivates the extremely fertile soil for a living. The development of the rural economy in Albania, and the improvement of living standards of the rural population are therefore of great importance.

7 Response Dutch PM Rutte on first results criminal investigation MH17

This morning the families of the victims of the MH17 disaster were briefed by the Joint Investigation Team on the initial findings of the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17. These findings concern the weapon used to down flight MH17, the location from which it was fired and the Buk missile system’s route of transport.

8 Book: The Metabolism of Albania

Everyone who is interested in a free digital copy (PDF) of the book 'The Metabolism of Albania: Activating the potential of the Albanian territory' can send an e-mail to

9 The traveler and the olive grove

A team of Dutch experts prepared the final report of "The traveler and the olive grove", a project that, in close cooperation with the local community of Qeparo, worked on boosting the agro-tourism potentials in this area.

10 The call for proposals for the Partners for Water 2016-2021 program has been opened

Proposals for projects such as demonstration projects, pilot projects and feasibility study projects can be submitted via the form in the right column of this page. More info can be found on the RVO site "Partners voor Water" (see link in right column). The ideas and project proposals can be send to RVO till the 31st of August.