Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, Albania


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11 The traveler and the olive grove

A team of Dutch experts prepared the final report of "The traveler and the olive grove", a project that, in close cooperation with the local community of Qeparo, worked on boosting the agro-tourism potentials in this area.

12 The call for proposals for the Partners for Water 2016-2021 program has been opened

Proposals for projects such as demonstration projects, pilot projects and feasibility study projects can be submitted via the form in the right column of this page. More info can be found on the RVO site "Partners voor Water" (see link in right column). The ideas and project proposals can be send to RVO till the 31st of August.

13 Handover EU Council Presidency of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Slowakia

Thanks to the Slovak presidency for organizing this handover. I really like your logo and would like to wish you a lot of success. In fact we prepared our trio programme together, also with Malta. We did this to ensure continuity.

14 Embassy closed from July 2 until, and including, July 5

Due to Big Bajram, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tirana will be closed from July 2 until, and including, July 5.

15 Human Rights Law expert Egbert Myjer visits Albania

In the framework of the Dutch Presidency of the European Council, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands invited Judge Egbert Myjer to Tirana. Mr. Myjer is a senior Dutch expert in Human Rights Law, former attorney-general and judge at the European Court of Human Rights, as well as former vice-dean of the Dutch Magistrates School.

16 Delegation of Leiden Law School visits Tirana

On 6 – 9 June 2016 a delegation of Leiden Law School composed of Prof. Rick Lawson (Dean of Leiden Law School), Prof. Stefaan Van den Bogaert (Director of the Europa Institute, Leiden Law School) andDr. Darinka Piqani (Assistant Professor of EU law, Leiden Law School) visited Tirana.

17 Statement of European Union Delegation and Embassies of EU Member States in Tirana on judicial reform

The EU Delegation and EU ambassadors in Tirana urge Albania to now quickly adopt the judicial reform, thereby following the wish of the Albanian public. Read the statement by all EU Heads of Missions in Tirana

18 Procedures for asylum seekers from Western Balkan countries

High numbers of people from Western Balkan countries have taken advantage of the Dutch asylum system. Therefore the Netherlands has taken new measures.

19 EU Transit Event Focusses on Agriculture and Toursim

At the EuTransit event ‪#‎qëndronëShqipëri‬, organised by minister Klajda Gjosha of EU integration on Euopre day May 9, ambassador Dewi van de Weerd gave a speech about how the Netherlands is supporting Albania in developing its agriculture and tourism sector. “Today’s motto is Stay in Albania, and I would like to urge you to make use of the opportunities here in Albania and indeed try to make it work”, said the ambassador. At the event many great examples of such opportunities could be found, such as a newly established goat farm and locally produced high quality cheese, honey and wine. Read the full speech below.

20 Textile and leather production in Albania

Albania is a surprisingly interesting textile and leather production country for Dutch brands and buyers. Typical for Albania is the high quality, fast lead times and small, flexible orders. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Netherlands, in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Tirana and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), has developed a CSR roadmap for companies that want to source sustainable and responsible garments and shoes.