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21 Launching event of the platform “PYETSHTETIN”

I am pleased to participate in the activity of today where the new online platform “Pyetshtetin” (ask-the-state) will be launched. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Commissioner on the Right to Information and Data Protection for taking the initiative to create this online platform, which I checked and found is already operational. The tracing of requests will be crucial for the successful implementation of it.

22 The March of Female Politicians in Albania

The March of Female Politicians in Albania - an interesting glimpse of the journalist and artist Nirit Peled looking at the Albanian case from the Dutch perspective. A must read for all those who like us contribute every day on women empowerment and their involvement in decision making.

23 Advisory referendum – reaction Dutch government

On 6 april 2016 an advisory referendum was held in the Netherlands on the EU-association agreement with Ukraine. The preliminary outcome shows that the required threshold for a valid outcome of a turn-out of 30% or more was reached, with a majority of people voting against.

24 Launching event of Corruption Proofing of Legislation

The fight against corruption is one of the main priorities of Albania’s EU integration process. So far, a lot remains to be done. I hear many complaints of people who are tired of having to buy their jobs. Or to see that unqualified people are getting a job anyway because of their connections or their votes. Of slow services unless you pay extra.

25 Women empowerment in the Balkans: the Netherlans supports talented women entrepreneurs from Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo

16 Women entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans visited the Netherlands from 6 till 11 March for a trade mission. They received tailor-made training in talent development, including knowledge building, matchmaking and networking activities. This kind of Women Empowerment strengthens the private sector in the Balkan region and the relations with the Netherlands. The programme is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the PSD Apps programme by The embassy assisted in the selection of the talented Albanian entrepreneurs and will continue working with them in networking activities.

26 Call for Applications - Movies that Matter

Are you organizing mobile cinema projects, human rights film festivals, film outreach projects or other innovative cinema projects to stimulate the discussion on human rights, social justice and freedom of expression in Albania? And are you still looking for funding? Apply!

27 Strengthening land rights for women - Inspiring examples of interventions supported by the Netherlands

A collection of 14 stories – among which an Albanian best practice (pg.28) - that demonstrate why investing in secure land rights for women is important. Securing access to and control over land by women has multiple benefits and clearly requires involvement and commitment of many actors, including men. See the booklet on the right side for more information.

28 Fatos Lubonja received the prestigious Dutch Prince Claus Award

On 14 March 2016, the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dewi van de Weerd, presented the Prince Claus Award to Fatos Lubonja. The Prince Claus Fund honours artists and cultural role models for their pioneering work in culture and development. The independent international members of the Prince Claus Awards Committee selected Fatos Lubonja as one of the eleven Prince Claus Award Laureates of 2015. Read the Ambassador's speech below.

29 The launch of an innovative project focusing on women, peace and security and looking at women as political agents for change

The Netherlands strongly believes in the power of women. That is why an innovative project focusing on women, peace and security and looking at women as political agents for change was launched today by the implementing partner Association of Women with Social Problems in partnership with Operations 1325. Thanks to Minister Mimi Kodheli and Minister Blendi Klosi, who confirmed the support of Albania to UN Resolution 1325, an acknowledgment of Albania's commitment to the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Read the speech of the Ambassador below.

30 Presentation of the Whistleblowing Draft Law

The Parliamentary Committee for Legal Issues, Public Administration and Human Rights organized a hearing today on the draft Law “On Whistleblowers’ Protection”. In this meeting, ambassador Dewi van de Weerd was invited to give an introduction in support to Minister of State Cuci's presentation of this innovative draft law. The Netherlands has supported Albania in the process of drafting the law with technical expertise. The Embassy will further continue it's commitment by funding future activities aiming at the effective and unified implementation of the legal framework on whistleblowing by all stakeholders, both from the public and private sector. You can find the ambassador's introduction below.