Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, Albania


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41 Fatos Lubonja receives Dutch Prince Claus Award

42 'Juvenile Justice' panel discussion

The Parliament of Albania held a public consultation on Juvenile Justice today in the context of Justice reform. Ambassador Dewi van de Weerd was invited to deliver a speech at the expert panel to share Dutch experiences on juvenile justice issues. This has also been an area of work for the embassy in Albania. As stressed by the ambassador, but which also was clear from the debate amongst the experts, professionalization and specialization of justice professionals that work with children in Albania is highly important. You can find the ambassador's speech posted below.

43 Ambassador Van de Weerd visits SAMwear

What about a custom made sports shirt, designed by yourself? Ambassador Van de Weerd paid a visit to SAMwear a Dutch-Albanian customized sportswear company based in Tirana.

44 Human Rights Tulip 2015

The Human Rights Tulip is an award of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs for courageous human rights defenders who promote and support human rights in innovative ways.

45 Ecofys visits Albania

When Albanian Minister of Energy and Industry, H.E. Mr. Damian Gjiknuri met the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, H.E. Henk Kamp, in the Netherlands on 30 March 2015, the Ministers agreed to explore the possibilities for collaboration between Albania and the Netherlands in the field of Energy.

46 Improvement of the enforcement system of bailiffs in Albania

On Tuesday, 30 June 2015, ambassador Dewi van de Weerd held a speech at the launching event of the EU twinning project "Improvement of the enforcement system in Albania''. Feel free to read the ambassador’s full speech below.

47 Upcoming MATRA Patrol Training Sessions

Here you can find a list of the available MATRA Patrol Training Sessions. Four MATRA Patrol training programs are open for registration.

48 Kingdom of the Netherlands - United Nations Security Council Candidate

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a longstanding commitment to the UN. We strongly believe in our partnership for peace, justice and development with the UN and its Member States. We work with our partners towards a better common future. By seeking election to the UN Security Council for the 2017-2018 period, we aim to make an even bigger contribution to building a more secure, just and prosperous world.

49 European Forum on Women in Politics

The Netherlands Embassy in Albania in cooperation with the Albanian Institute for International Studies hosted a lecture at the European Information Center in Shkodra on women in politics. Ambassador Dewi van de Weerd stressed the need for positive policies to be implemented in the field of women involvement in public life in Albania. Women in Albania have traditionally shown great potential to bring positive change. Women representation is not only about women, it is mostly about the society as such, its ability to fully provide for equal opportunities, respect differences and make use of its best resources. Please find the full speech of the ambassador below.

50 Superberry Albania – a Dutch Private Sector Investment programme establishing Dutch-Albanian partnership

Mjedër is the word for raspberry in Albanian. They are still rare in the country, but this might change. Today we visited the first harvest of Superberry Albania in Divjake. The raspberries were very tasty!