Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, Albania

Renewing a minor’s Dutch passport

If your child is a Dutch national under 18 and their passport needs to be renewed, or they were previously added to one of their parents' passports, you (or someone holding a power of attorney) can apply for a Dutch passport on their behalf together with the child.

Checklist of required documents

For every document, you must provide the original and one photocopy.

In general, documents issued in countries other than the Netherlands should first be legalised. Legalisation requirements vary per country. For more information, visit the page on document legalisation.

Remember to read the information about applying from your country of residence. If any extra information is available, it will be given in the column on the right.

1. All identity and travel documents in the child’s name, even if these are no longer valid. [ ]
2. Evidence of legal residence for the parent(s) and child in the country you are applying from. To find out which document you require, please go to ‘Applying for a travel document in [name of country]’.  
3. A photo that meets Dutch requirements. For more information, see the Photomatrix guidelines 2007. [ ]
4. A completed passport application form, signed by both parents or legal representatives. For this you have 2 options:

-  the application form that you can print first and then fill it out using a pen
- the application form that you can fill out online first and then make a printout
Both versions are available in Dutch only. For an explanation in English, please refer to the Guide for the passport application form.

[ ]
  If you are the child’s guardian, rather than their parent, please provide an official copy of a relevant court judgment as evidence of your guardianship. The official copy must not have been issued more than 12 months ago. [ ]
  If one of the child’s parents is deceased, please provide an official copy of the death certificate. [ ]

Is the birth certificate registered in the Dutch Personal Records Database (BRP)? In this situation no further documens are required for this.
When the birth certificate is not registered in the BRP, you will need to submit a complete official copy of the child’s birth certificate or extract from the register of births ( geboorteregister), giving their place of birth and their parents’ full names. For passport renewals, the legalised official copy or extract does not need to have been issued recently. Hospital-issued certificates are not permitted.

[ ]
6. Proof that one of the parents holds Dutch nationality. For example:  
  - A Dutch passport and a valid residence permit for the country of residence.
[ ]
  - Other documentation proving Dutch nationality. [ ]
7. In order to apply for a Dutch passport, the child must visit our office to prove their identity. The parent or legal representative not accompanying the child must provide a declaration of consent.  

Does the non-accompanying parent or legal represenative live in the Netherlands? In this situation a legalised declaration of consent can been issued by the Population Affairs ( Burgerzaken) Department of the Dutch municipality of residence.

[ ]
8. If the child has a citizen service number (B urgerservicenummer (BSN)) and it is not given in their current passport, it must be included in their new passport. With the application, please provide a letter from a public authority on which their citizen service number (BSN) appears, e.g. a letter from the Tax and Customs Administration ( Belastingdienst). For more information, visit the page on the citizen service number. [ ]


  • Documents issued in countries other than the Netherlands will only be accepted if they have been issued by the country where the legal fact or legal act (e.g. birth or marriage) occurred. Documents in English, French or German do not need to be translated. Civil status record extracts in Spanish are accepted without translation as well. Documents in all other languages must be accompanied by a sworn translation. The translation must also be legalised, unless it was provided by a sworn translator registered in the Netherlands.
  • If a foreign document has already been entered into the Register of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Registered Partnerships ( Register van de Burgerlijke Stand) at the municipality of The Hague’s Foreign Documents Department ( Afdeling Landelijke Taken), an official copy issued by this department is sufficient. For more information, visit the Municipality of The Hague website.